Understanding the Different Types of Dental Procedures

General dentists often carry out five typical dental treatments. It turns out that if someone has a dental issue, one of the five therapies can probably solve it.

Below is the list of the common dental procedures:

  • Fillings

Cavities and deterioration of teeth are cured by dental fillings. They can also be used to fix cracked or damaged teeth.

The dentist will examine for cracks and cavities as soon as a patient complains of a toothache. They examine the tooth both visually and via X-rays to do this. If the dentist finds that the tooth requires a filling, they then make the required repairs.

The dentist will use a dental drill to remove any decaying dental tissue from the inner tooth after numbing it. The tooth will next be thoroughly cleaned with water before being filled with a dental filling.

The patient will select the filling type they want with the dentist’s help. They have the option of dental resin fillings, gold, silver, or porcelain.

  • Dental crowns

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have gone through significant damage from accident or disease. Crowns are essentially the only dental restorations that prevent damaged teeth from being removed. They are also used to fix aesthetic flaws.

Because most crowns need to be produced in a dental laboratory, the operation often requires two visits to the dentist.

  • Extraction of teeth

A general dentist will extract a tooth when its decay has advanced too far for it to be salvaged. The dentist extracts an impacted tooth when it tries to break through the gum but is unsuccessful. A problematic and uncomfortable wisdom tooth that is unsure about its desire to develop will also be extracted by the dentist.

If the problematic tooth is above the gum line, the dentist will extract it out of its bone socket after freeing it from the socket. Minor oral surgery is used to remove a tooth that is bothering the gums.

  • Implant dentistry

Dental implants are the best and most durable technique to replace genuine teeth. To insert the implant into the patient’s jawbone, a small amount of oral surgery is required.

Dental implants are used to provide patients with permanent replacement teeth, even if the process requires multiple visits over several months. Dentures and crowns provided through implants perform identically to natural teeth. Although visiting the dentist might be tough, the greatest dentists will make every effort to give you the right consultation. Traditional braces slowly tighten teeth back into place using metal or other materials. Although Invisalign is less obvious and takes longer to work, it is still a very effective way to accomplish the same objective.


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